adif-parser (GitHub)
NodeJS application for converting amateur radio ADIF files into MongoDB collections (1 watcher)

AirPRS (GitHub)
Adobe AIR PoC to demonstrate connecting to a TCP socket and mapping position reports of amateur radio stations (1 watcher)

cf-objective-2014 (GitHub)
Getting Started with MongoDB for CFML Developers (0 watchers)

ColdSpring-Advanced-Workflows (GitHub)
Building Advanced Workflows with ColdSpring (2 watchers)

developer-day-workshop (GitHub)
Workshop materials for the NativeScript Developer Day workhop (0 watchers) (GitHub)
(0 watchers)

Ham-Radio-Lightning-Preso (GitHub)
Lightning talk on Amateur Radio's role in emergency communications (2 watchers)

lyric-sheets (GitHub)
Javascript/CSS transformation for song lyrics with inline cord markings (0 watchers)

n4ea-blog (GitHub)
Blog for amateur radio station N4EA (0 watchers)

OOP-What-and-Why (GitHub)
OOP: What is it and why do I care presentation at NCDevCon September 2011 (1 watcher)

vagrant-centos-lucee (GitHub)
Vagrant box for local development with CFML and Java (19 watchers)