Career moves -or- Leaves…continued

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve recently changed jobs and am now in a position traveling to client sites as a ColdFusion consultant. Moving away from a full-time position that I’d had for 8 1/2 years wasn’t easy–for my wife and me nor for my 9-year-old twin daughters.


My wife home-schools our kids giving us a very flexible schedule. When we told the girls that they’d be able to come to D.C. with me at some point during the project, they were all for the move. That was 2 weeks before I even started the project. Last week and this week my wife and kids have been here in D.C. with me and have been on a constant field trip to our nation’s capital.


Today, we attended the dedication ceremony for the U.S. Air Force Memorial

Turning over new leaves

Since you’re reading this, the sky must be falling, Satan’s homeworld must be ice-encrusted, or somewhere there must be a pig flying around. Why you ask? Because I, former Mr. Don’t-See-Any-Use-In-Blogs, has actually started a blog of my own. Several things have contributed to making the decision to start up a blog.

  1. People like