Off-line Blog Posting Software

These last few posts have been created with MarsEdit for the Mac. As a general rule I don’t like using web-based editing tools as my primary method for writing posts. Once I switched my blog over to WordPress a few months ago, I decided to look for an application that I could use to manage my blog. I read several reviews and blog posts talking about different options and finally settled on MarsEdit. It seemed to be the best organized and have the best feel of any that I tried–so I purchased it.

After completely screwing up the formatting of a couple of posts, I realized that it doesn’t convert the line breaks that I’d inserted into its editor window into HTML paragraph tags. Sure it gives you a combo box at the top to insert “markup”. Guess that what does….yep, you guessed it, it inserts html <p></p> around what you have selected. What is up with that?!? I might as well code the silly post by hand in TextEdit or write the thing in Dreamweaver. At least Dreamweaver will write the basic HTML code for you.

Those of you that read my blog (yes both of you) might be saying “But you’re a web developer. You know HTML. Quit your griping”. You’d be correct in those statements. My issue is that I shouldn’t HAVE to write my own HTML. If you market something as a tool to publish to a web site (blogs included), it stands to reason that you should include the functionality to convert regular typed text into HTML so it would be displayed correctly on the web.

I very well have wasted my $39 or whatever the cost of the program was but I’m seriously considering dumping MarsEdit and looking for something else. I am going to invest a little time to see what kind of support forums they have. So far I have not taken the time to do that, so my rant may be premature.

Anyone have any recommendations for a well-designed Mac application for managing a WordPress blog?

Apple Mighty Mouse Rant

I try really hard to be an Apple fan-boy…I really do. I love my Macbook Pro, really like my Mac Mini and adore OS X. I even like my AppleTV units pretty well (a little less with the new GUI, but that’s another story). BUT, I’m really starting to take a very negative view of my Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse.

I’ve had my Mighty Mouse since I bought my Macbook Pro in March of 2007. It took a little getting used to because of the touch-sensitive way it handles left and right clicks. I got over that pretty quickly. Being able to scroll in any direction rather than just up or down like most mice was a really neat feature. Not being able to scroll one direction or another when the thing got dirty was a pretty major annoyance. About 4 months ago, I finally broke down and followed the advice of a YouTube video that detailed how to take the mouse apart to clean the scroll wheel. I had to glue the “beauty ring” back on the bottom when I was done, but life was good after that and I was scrolling in all directions at will.

Then last week the thing started acting up again. Are you kidding–only a few months since I’d completely cleaned out every nook and cranny in this thing? So tonight I pried my glued-on beauty ring off the bottom of the mouse and set about trying to clean it out once again. OOPS! I don’t have a screwdriver with me (I’m on-site at the moment at a client in Rhode Island) small enough to get these eagles-need-a-magnifying-glass-to-see tiny screws out of the roller ball assembly. Not to worry though, I’ll bet the hotel desk has an eyeglass repair kit around here somewhere so off to the front desk I go. Sure enough, they found one–which I BROKE trying to loosen said tiny screws that I swear I purposefully didn’t tighten down all the way last time.

So that’s it…I’m done with the Mighty Mouse. I’m headed home tomorrow and one of my prime objectives this weekend is to “buy a better mouse” (that’s a parody on “build a better mousetrap” in case you missed it). My only real requirements are that it either be Bluetooth (since that’s built into my Macbook Pro already) or it be USB with a retractable cable. I don’t want to have to hang some wireless receiver out the side of my laptop. That would be a big pain as much as I travel.

Anyone have any recommendations on a good replacement for the Mighty Mouse?