Free and easy way to play MP3 files in your web pages

One of my current clients recently commissioned me to write a feature for their site that allows visitors to listen to snippets of MP3 tracks that they sell directly from within the product’s “detail” page. In my particular situation, one of the requirements was to use the design commissioned by a separate design firm. In doing some research I found a few different open source methods of accomplishing this. The one that turned out to be the best fit for our situation was an Adobe Flash-based application called NiftyPlayer.

NiftyPlayer is a free, open source Flash file that you can embed into your page and play MP3 files without worrying about what audio player is installed on the visitor’s machine. The best part for my situation is that the player is completely controllable through Javascript. That means that I could completely “hide” the UI provided by the Flash file by setting the height and width of the Flash object to zero and use custom javascript methods to craft my page to do exactly what I wanted it to do.

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