Hi there. I’d introduce myself, but I’m shy you know. Oh, all right, name here is Dan Skaggs and I’m a country-boy, isolationist, hermit-at-heart who loves to play with computers, write cool code and is generally addicted to being connected to the Internet–in short, I’m what you’d call a techno-hermit.

I’m also a reformed motorcyclist speed-demon, avid gun owner and shooter, and sometime ham radio operator under the call sign N4EA.

I’ve been doing web development professionally since 1998. From 2000 until 2012 I developed primarily with the (now) Adobe stack of technologies including ColdFusion and a dabbling of Flex. I was invited to be a contributing partner to the Model-Glue MVC framework in October of 2009 and have contributed to several other open-source projects over the last few years. More recently my primary focus has been building applications with AngularJS on the client side talking to REST APIs on the server and have helped several companies begin to decouple their user-facing applications from the applications that store data and apply their business’ rules.

I’ve been honored to have been asked to speak to the Online ColdFusion Meetup, the NCDevCon conference, the BFusion conference and the cf.Objective() conference.

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