Almost 18 months ago I wrote about starting an experiment with my standing desk. Then last summer, I purchased two ERGO adjustable standing/sitting desks from for my wife and myself. I’ve now had the ERGO for a little over 7 months and wanted to share an update about it.

As I mentioned in the unboxing video that my son and I did, the desk is built very solidly. It’s very stable both during regular use and while moving from one position to another. The motors, while not completely silent, are quiet enough–and fast enough–that I can move between positions even when on conference calls without disturbing the conversation. I have gotten a few interesting comments however when I move from one position to another while on a video call and suddenly the other participants start to see the room moving in their video feed!

Below is a photo of my current workstation configuration.

workstation - wide angle

Workstation – Wide Angle

The tower to the left is constructed out of 4 IKEA Lack side tables. I put a screw from the bottom of the shelves into the legs above them to hold them together. It provides a lot of open storage and cost me a total of about $30. On the first shelf down are my amateur radios, followed by my HP Windows 10 secondary computer. Next is an older Onkyo stereo receiver that I connect both machines to for sound so I can use just 1 set of speakers. Finally, on the floor under the bottom shelf is the subwoofer for the stereo system (and pictured although not operational is an older slimline HP Windows 7 machine I used before putting the HP Windows 10 machine in place).

To the right of the desk is an IKEA Kalax shelf. Eventually I’ll probably replace this with another tower setup like is on the left because I like things to be symmetrical and several things about my setup are not at present. I’ve also thought about further “engineering” the Lack table towers to close them off a bit from the sides and put a top across between them with some embedded LED lighting. Maybe someday…

The desktop itself is also an IKEA product. It was the largest desktop I could find and honestly it’s still not quite big enough. I’d like to move my amateur radio equipment down to live under the monitors for easier access, but since I’m not doing a lot of stuff with the radios at present, that’s become less of a priority. The monitor shelf is from IKEA (sensing a theme here are you?) and has been nice to have those two drawers handy while putting my monitors at the right height.

Speaking of monitors, I currently have 2 Apple Thunderbolt monitors connected to my “Late 2011” Macbook Pro. The smaller monitor on the left serves double duty with one input being hooked to the Windows 10 machine and the other being a third monitor for my Macbook Pro driven off a USB > DVI adapter contraption. It works pretty well for things that don’t have a lot of motion, like terminal windows etc, but you wouldn’t want to try to watch a video on it.

workstation - close up

Workstation – Close up

I spend quite a bit of time on audio and video conference calls with various people from our company. A couple years ago I invested in a Plantronics Savi W740 wireless headset (seen under the leftmost monitor). It can connect to a standard telephone, your mobile phone via Bluetooth and your computer via USB and switch between inputs at the touch of a button. The headset has a range of 300 feet from the base station which allows me to pace around the house, and even go check the mail, while on the phone with no signal loss during a call. They are a bit pricey at some over $200, but well worth it if you are on the phone a lot.

I have 2 IKEA Signum (what else right) cable management racks screwed to the underside of the desktop at the back. Zip-tied to the underside of those are 2 power strips. One of those power strips has a wireless remote control that switches 6 of the 8 outlets. I have the backlights behind the monitors (see below), the stereo and a few other things plugged into there so that when I’m done working for the day, I flip that one switch and it shuts the workstation down. The Apple monitors go to sleep automatically when I undock my laptop so I don’t have to worry about those but it’s nice to be able to flip one switch and walk away.

Lastly, here’s a photo of how I normally work. I like the room around me darkened with some backlighting behind the monitors.

workstation - normal operating mode

Workstation – Normal Operating Mode

I’ve had many different desk configurations over the years as I love tinkering with things like this so it’ll probably change again at some point, but for now, this setup is working very well for me.

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  1. Antonio Ventura

    Hi, can u tell me the brand/name or what kind of motor is the one that stand the desk up?

    Is it a good motor?

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