Code Assist for NativeScript views in WebStorm

For the last few weeks I’ve been spending a bit of my spare time getting up to speed on a relatively new player in the mobile application space named NativeScript. NativeScript lets you write cross-platform mobile applications in TypeScript (or plain javascript if you prefer), a subset of CSS and XML files for views.

One of the struggles I have when I’m learning a new technology is that I’m very slow because I’m constantly switching to a browser to look up syntax, attributes and other language specifics before the mental “muscle memory” is formed. Good IDE support helps with this as the IDE makes suggestions that many times can let you find what you need without having to switch to a browser and look it up. Unfortunately, NativeScript is SO new that support from many today’s popular IDEs isn’t available yet.

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Standing Desk Update

Almost 18 months ago I wrote about starting an experiment with my standing desk. Then last summer, I purchased two ERGO adjustable standing/sitting desks from for my wife and myself. I’ve now had the ERGO for a little over 7 months and wanted to share an update about it.

As I mentioned in the unboxing video that my son and I did, the desk is built very solidly. It’s very stable both during regular use and while moving from one position to another. The motors, while not completely silent, are quiet enough–and fast enough–that I can move between positions even when on conference calls without disturbing the conversation. I have gotten a few interesting comments however when I move from one position to another while on a video call and suddenly the other participants start to see the room moving in their video feed!

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