UPDATE: After replying to the email below, a support representative got back in touch and my Spotify account is now closed. I made sure to let them know that my reason for closing my account was their privacy policy. No idea if it’ll make a difference or not but maybe if they get a bunch of people leaving they’ll wake up.

As I was catching up on overnight updates in my Twitter stream this morning, I ran across a conversation talking about the new privacy policy that is now in effect at Spotify (you can read the highlights here or read the entire thing here).

I’ve been a very casual user of their free account for the last year or so but had recently started using their service more from the app loaded on my Mac. As I read through the highlights of what Spotify makes you agree to let them do, I decided that their service was no longer something I was interested in. I uninstalled their apps from my Mac, iPhone and iPad (and will be making the rest of my family do the same thing later today). I then began searching for how I could have my account cancelled and that’s where the real frustration for the day began.

I found some instructions that said to log into your account, go to your Account Overview page and click the About Link in the footer to get to a contact form where you could request your account be cancelled. Turns out, that was easier to read than actually do. Following the path in the “Contact Spotify” section, I clicked on the “Account” option which brought me to this screen:


Woohoo! Looks like just what I want, so I click the “I want to delete my Spotify account completely” link and get to this screen:

Hmmm…okay, well, let me see if that article helps out any:


Would you like to take a guess where that “contact form” link points to? If you guessed back to step 1 of this whole process, you win a prize (not really b/c I can’t afford to give all you smart people prizes).

So, with that avenue to get my account removed blocked, I decided to click the “I still need help” button from the previous screen and sent in a request. Below is the message I received:

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Here's what we got from you:
Please remove my account completely from your system. In case anyone is keeping track, this is in reference to your new privacy policy.

Your contact form is sequence is a complete sham in this regard.

If you have a question about Spotify, your first stop should be the Spotify Community http://community.spotify.com/ for support from other users. This is also a great place to read up on any company updates that might affect your service as well as posting your own ideas and feedback.

Then check out our Help pages http://support.spotify.com The FAQs contain solutions to the most common queries and guides on how to use Spotify's features.

You can also now follow or Tweet our Spotify Customer Service Team @Spotifycares for all things Spotify.

We're sure that these solutions will help you with your query. Remember that we'll keep you in the loop on any major service updates via our Twitter:
https://twitter.com/spotifystatus @Spotifystatus

Kind regards,
Spotify Customer Service Team

Kind regards indeed! Their email is the equivalent of saying “Bugger off, we don’t care!” The line that especially wound me up was the “We’re sure that these solutions will help you with your query”. Umm, no, they don’t or I wouldn’t have sent an email to support for help.

A friend of mine in London put a plea on Twitter for Spotify to publish usable instructions for removing your account. We shall see what, if anything, becomes of the situation.

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