Last fall I wrote about making the switch to a standing desk. At the time I went the “cheap” route, getting a used frame from a friend and a recycled door for the top. A couple months ago, I found out about a project on Kickstarter for an electrically-adjustable desk. My experiment has gone so well (hey, I’m still using the standing desk 10 months later) and the project looked so great that my wife and I decided we needed these to replace our existing home office desks.

The project touts itself as the first smart office desk—offering a sort of artificial intelligence that knows when you come to the office, tracks when you need to transition from standing to sitting and can even interfaces with your home automation system. At then end of the day, we decided that we didn’t really need the “smart” features for the difference in price and purchased two of the “DIY” models. The DIY model consists solely of the frame and adjustment controls without the smart features or the top. I also have some pretty specific desktop size needs that the top offered with the desk could not meet, so we’ll be building custom tops for our desks soon.

The FedEx driver that delivered the desks commented that they were really heavy. On looking at the shipping label, we confirmed his assessment as each box weighed 67 pounds. The TL;DR is that this is one seriously heavily made desk. All the steel parts are made out of steel that is much heavier gauge than most desks that you’d find in your local retail stores and even heavier than most commercial office furniture I’ve been around. The assembly is really straightforward and the instruction booklet is well done—even going so far as to throw in a couple of cautions about certain steps that will cause issues later if you weren’t warned beforehand.

The cost of the DIY model with shipping was $350. If you’ve ever priced electric sitting/standing desks, you’re probably picking your jaw up off the floor about now. I know I was. Many of these types of desks currently available start at over $1000 and go up from there. The ERGO’s motors are smooth and quiet and transition from the lowest height (about 24″) to the tallest height (about 50″) in approximately 21 seconds.

I put the first one together this afternoon in about 30 minutes. My son, Tim, and I decided that we’d make an unboxing/assembly video to document the process when we put the second one together. I’ve embedded that video below. For those that can’t or don’t want to suffer through the entire video, you can see the fully assembled desk (minus the top) in operation at about the 12:25 mark in the video.

6 thoughts on “Autonomous ERGO Desk – Unboxing and Assembly

  1. Scott

    Great video, Dan. Like the desk. Checked into them yesterday after we spoke. Looks like we might be ordering a couple ourselves. I’ll let you know.

  2. That’s awesome! This weekend I’m going to have to put some serious thought into finalizing plans for what we’re going to do for the tops. I’d like to do something out of reclaimed barn wood but haven’t found the right source yet.

  3. For the frame, I just used an allen wrench. I chose to use my own set because it was longer and easier a little easier to work with, but you could very well assemble the desk with the wrench included in the kit.

  4. At this point, I just have a $29 table top from Ikea on it. It’s 59″ wide and I’m finding it’s not large enough. I did a follow-up post here with some more photos and info.

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