Dynamically set ColdFusion ORM datasource

I’m a relative novice using ColdFusion’s ORM features having done just one “real” project so far that took advantage of it. I’m working on an application that needs to be able to set the datasource for each request based on the URL that the customer is using to access the site. For example, if a customer visits http://customera.demoapp.com I need the application to use the DSN named “dsn-customera”, http://customerb.demoapp.com gets “dsn-customerb” and so on.

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue–you’d do some sort of logic in the onRequestStart() method in Application.cfc and set a request or session scoped variable to the name of the DSN and go from there. However, when using ColdFusion’s ORM functions, this approach doesn’t work since “this.datasource” is configure in the pseudo-constructor at the top of Application.cfc like so:

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