There is no such thing as perfect code

The title alone may offend some folks that read this post, but, please, hear me out before you close the browser window and go away muttering “this guy has no idea what he’s talking about”. I was talking to a developer friend of mine today and he made the statement “there is no such thing as perfect code”. The statement kind of took me by surprise but as we talked through it, I came to see his particular point.

How many times have you written an application or feature that solved a particular problem and then gone back to look at it later and thought to yourself “this is some really crappy code that I wrote–I wish I could redo this and do it ‘right'”? I know I have had that thought countless times looking at things I’ve written over the last 11 years of my professional development career. Did we think the code was “crappy” when we launched the application? Chances are the answer at that time was no. So, what changed?

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