4 thoughts on “The Elusive All-In-One Financial Package

  1. Might not be a better solution, but a godsend for us has been FreeAgent (freeagentcentral.com) – it handles timesheeting, invoicing and accounting. It also has a freely-available API, so building a simple AIR app to track time would be a walk in the park.

    Of course, there is also xero.com, which I believe is more popular among larger business, but it doesn’t appear to have time tracking. Shame.

  2. Chuck Mason

    Freshbooks plus iPhone app sounds nice.

    Why the switch from Quickbooks to Clarity Accounting? Am wondering if Freshbooks works well with Quickbooks?

  3. Jennette Skaggs

    The switch from Quickbooks to Clarity had a lot to do with OS environment. The online version of Quickbooks was great, but it is IE only. The Mac version was local which meant that Dan couldn’t access it when he was at a client site. We really needed the flexibility of accessing financials no matter where we were. I am unsure about Freshbooks working well with Quickbooks. I would think that it wouldn’t be necessary unless the PC – Mac, online – local app is the issue.

  4. Jennette Skaggs

    Thanks for the suggestion. I had not heard of FreeAgent, but just took a quick look after your comment. FreeAgent is a bit more price wise than Clarity, but that really wouldn’t make my decision. I also needed something to track payroll for me since we are incorporated. Clarity will track it even if it won’t “do payroll” for me. Our bank has an easy system that I use for that. We had looked at xero.com and decided that it just wasn’t what we wanted.
    I will keep FreeAgent in mind if this trio doesn’t work out.

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