I try really hard to be an Apple fan-boy…I really do. I love my Macbook Pro, really like my Mac Mini and adore OS X. I even like my AppleTV units pretty well (a little less with the new GUI, but that’s another story). BUT, I’m really starting to take a very negative view of my Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse.

I’ve had my Mighty Mouse since I bought my Macbook Pro in March of 2007. It took a little getting used to because of the touch-sensitive way it handles left and right clicks. I got over that pretty quickly. Being able to scroll in any direction rather than just up or down like most mice was a really neat feature. Not being able to scroll one direction or another when the thing got dirty was a pretty major annoyance. About 4 months ago, I finally broke down and followed the advice of a YouTube video that detailed how to take the mouse apart to clean the scroll wheel. I had to glue the “beauty ring” back on the bottom when I was done, but life was good after that and I was scrolling in all directions at will.

Then last week the thing started acting up again. Are you kidding–only a few months since I’d completely cleaned out every nook and cranny in this thing? So tonight I pried my glued-on beauty ring off the bottom of the mouse and set about trying to clean it out once again. OOPS! I don’t have a screwdriver with me (I’m on-site at the moment at a client in Rhode Island) small enough to get these eagles-need-a-magnifying-glass-to-see tiny screws out of the roller ball assembly. Not to worry though, I’ll bet the hotel desk has an eyeglass repair kit around here somewhere so off to the front desk I go. Sure enough, they found one–which I BROKE trying to loosen said tiny screws that I swear I purposefully didn’t tighten down all the way last time.

So that’s it…I’m done with the Mighty Mouse. I’m headed home tomorrow and one of my prime objectives this weekend is to “buy a better mouse” (that’s a parody on “build a better mousetrap” in case you missed it). My only real requirements are that it either be Bluetooth (since that’s built into my Macbook Pro already) or it be USB with a retractable cable. I don’t want to have to hang some wireless receiver out the side of my laptop. That would be a big pain as much as I travel.

Anyone have any recommendations on a good replacement for the Mighty Mouse?

7 thoughts on “Apple Mighty Mouse Rant

  1. Dan, give the Logitech VX Revolution or MX Revolution a try. Both are great. The VX is the notebook mouse and is a little smaller the MX, but honestly it is a normal sized mouse. The VX comes with a wireless USB connector that stores itself in the mouse for easy travel. The VX uses 1 AA battery. The MX is also USB and wireless but it is rechargeable and comes with a charging dock.

    Both mice have Logitech’s “free scroll” wheel that allows you to “flick” the scroller and power through lots of pages in a document or a long Web site page. The free scroll feature can be turned on and off manually as well as configured for each individual application.

    I have the VX, the MX, and the Might Mouse. I’m currently using the MM but of the Logitech’s the VX is my favorite. It’s lighter, more portable, and easy to power up with the insertion of a battery.

  2. dskaggs

    Update to this post. After researching the Logitech mice that Aaron mentioned above and some others that I found online, I’ve purchased a Targus Rechargeable Bluetooth Laser Notebook Mouse. It seemed to have the best mix of physical characteristics (it’s not too small nor too large), is bluetooth so there is no extra USB receiver to deal with while traveling each week, and runs on rechargeable batteries. As an added bonus, it recharges with a standard USB cable and can be operated as a wired USB mouse while it recharges. I’ve had it for a little over a day now and, while it takes a little getting used to versus the Mighty Mouse, I think I’m going to like it.

  3. Final comment on this. After telling a friend of mine about the situation he strongly urged me to call Apple support and see if I could get a replacement. I countered that the mouse was 16 months old and there was no way that Apple would replace it.

    I was wrong.

    I called at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon and by 9:30am the next morning I had a new Wireless Mighty Mouse in my hand. Judging by the paperwork, they replaced it under the AppleCare plan I bought for my Macbook Pro.

    Apple certainly exceeded my expectations there. Now if only all those folks that had issues upgrading to iPhone 2.0 software today were as fortunate….

  4. I am on my second Mighty Mouse replacement after the scroll ball got gunked beyond repair. Now this one is heading down that road. Not only that, but a coworker who hated his let me use his and now IT is having the same problem. My hands are clean!! I am currently auditioning replacement mouses – this is ridiculous. Half I love it and half I don’t but now the half I don’t is bigger than the half I do.

  5. Charlie

    Good Day, I too have the Mighty Mouse dirty scroller blues. I have been using the “turn it upside down and roll it on a piece of paper” method of cleaning. I would like a replacement that really works and won’t break the bank. Plus, I actually prefer a wired solution. Any suggestions?

  6. Charlie…I honestly haven’t had a wired mouse in years. I think my last wired mouse was also a Mighty Mouse. These days I use an Apple Magic Mouse as I basically wore the Logitech one I referred to in this post completely out.

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