My Local Web Development Environment Overhaul Pt. 4 – Database Server

This entry in my series detailing how I have my development environment set up will deal with databases. This is going to be a somewhat shorter post than the others simply because there isn’t as much customization to be done in this area as some of the others.

For any client that I have a voice in selecting the database back end for, I generally choose MySQL. There is a myriad of places around the Internet that detail the advantages and disadvantages of MySQL when compared to the other popular database systems, so I won’t go into that here. However, the two main reasons I choose it are price (hard to beat free for the community edition) and its ability to run on nearly any platform. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it scales very well and has several options for graphically managing the schemas and data it contains.

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My Local Web Development Environment Overhaul Pt. 2 – Web Server

As web developers, one of the most under-appreciated pieces of software in our arsenal is the web server software that answers the calls from the masses of visitors that want nothing more than to pour over every word and image that we put on our sites. Ok, “masses” and “pour over” may be a bit of an over characterization, but you get my point. Without that critical piece of the developer’s toolbox, getting to all the sweet, whiz-bang stuff that we develop on a daily basis wouldn’t be nearly as simple as it is today. Yet, many developers don’t understand how to make their web server software go from an afterthought to an integral part of making your development process more efficient.

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My Local Web Development Environment Overhaul Pt. 1 – Overview

As I mentioned in my last post, after attending the cf.Objective() conference earlier this year, I decided that I needed to completely tear down and rebuild my local development environment. My old setup worked well enough, but there were some gotchas in the setup. So, after talking to some of the presenters and other attendees at the conference, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to accomplish and how I wanted things set up.

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