2 thoughts on “Not to sound like an Apple “fan-boy” BUT…

  1. Alex Jaimes


    we have a time capsule, but to use like router to connect by WiFi, we live in a 2 floors house and the walls are really thicks, So we need to mesh with a Belkin or D’link router to cover all house.
    do you how to or have an idea when I could get this info.
    I appreciate your support.

  2. @Alex – I’m sorry but I haven’t done any research into making a Time Capsule work with DLink or other equipment. We made the decision in March 2007 to go completely with Apple products here. I have an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station that I’m considering using as an “extension” of the WiFi network created by the Time Capsule to give a little better coverage to the far end of the house. You *might* be able to do something similar with another brand of product, but I don’t know that for sure.

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